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AIM: Athletics In The Metaverse

September 26th, 2022


Join us as we gather, discuss and discover the sports ecosystem and what role the Metaverse holds within it.

Areas we seek to cover and more

  1. Humanity: What role does the Metaverse play in bringing fans even closer together?
  2. Accessibility in Sports.
  3. Sports training and education.
  4. Athletic wellness.
  5. The Nature of Global Fandom.
  6. Biometrical Safety.
  7. Enhanced scouting capabilities for greater access to talent.
  8. What active role does AI perform in the Metaverse for athletes and is this safe?
  9. The new way of viewing Athletic events from different states of view; will everyone have the opportunity?
  10. Web3, Crypto Assets, NFT’s and Blockchain.

AIM Objectives

1. To gain a basic understanding of Athletics in The Metaverse

2. To learn the significance of Humanity First approach toward Athletics in The Metaverse

3. To get acquainted with dialogue and community of Athletics in The Metaverse

Hear from global experts as they collectively define Athletics in The Metaverse, it’s elements and the importance of a “Humanity-First” approach towards building it.

Join in on global expressions of Athletics in The Metaverse

May our gather be well.


September 26, 2023
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT


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