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Avi Bar-Zeev has been at the forefront of XR and The Metaverse for over 30 years: first launching Disney’s groundbreaking Aladdin VR ride in the early 90s, crafting Second Life’s 3D worlds and co-founding Keyhole (Google Earth) mirror-earth 3D browser around 2001.

He co-invented Microsoft Hololens in 2010, helped defined Amazon Echo Frames in 2015, and then contributed at Apple on undisclosed projects.

Since leaving Apple, he’s consulted privately for top XR companies and investors. And he’s taken a more public stance by writing and speaking publicly on important issues like privacy, biometric sensing and mental autonomy, targeted and future experiential advertising, DEI and harassment in XR, and various open Metaverse/web3 architectures.

Most recently, he is a founder and President of The XR Guild, a new non-profit membership organization that seeks to support and educate professionals in XR on ethics and most positive outcomes for humanity.

Talk Title:

Fostering Abundance vs. Scarcity

Talk Description :

The Internet is the world’s largest copy machine.

Yet we’ve struggled for decades to impose artificial scarcity on digital goods: DRM, paywalls, NFTs, and blockchain.

Is this the best approach to benefit the greatest number of creators and consumers, or another con to support the powerful few?

Can we design systems to better reward creators, mashers, and marketers who all increase the value of digital content without imposing limits on copying?

Can we even make copying a virtue instead of a sin?

This talk will study the core mechanisms and propose a new way of thinking about solutions, fostering abundance over scarcity.

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September 13th-14th, 2022 (A GatherVerse Event)

3We (A Web3 Summit)

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