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Assembling global communities to innovate humanely.

7 Standards of The Metaverse

Humanity First

7 Standards of The Metaverse

Humanity First

A Step Closer to the Metaverse.


A global gathering discussing humanity first standards of education, safety, privacy, wellness, equality, community development and accessibility in the next steps of the metaverse.

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GatherVerse Summit 2022 – Speakers

Presented are a few of our Keynotes, Talks and Roundtable Speakers, with Several more participants to be featured

GatherVerse Summit 2022


  • Demystifying the evolving nature of cyber communities on Metaverse

  • Transgender Representation in the Metaverse

  • Building Equity in the Metaverse

  • Weinstein Civics in the Metaverse

  • The Future of Child Safety & Mental Health in XR & the need for Metaverse IQ

  • Scaling Healing in the Metaverse

  • Flourishing in a Friendly Metaverse: Wellness and Connection in XR Experiences

Summit Objectives


To gain a basic understanding of the Metaverse

You will learn about the history and current development of the actual Metaverse


To learn the significance of Humanity First approach

To draw out and express the rich value of each standard we have set for topics of discussion and their values in different cultures


To get acquainted with dialogue and community

Will be introduced to several people and organizations who’re making an impact for the Metaverse Web3 world

A Summit for purpose, sharing and expressing while inspiring a community approach toward virtual.

Hear from global experts as they collectively define the Metaverse, it’s elements and the importance of a “Humanity first” approach towards building it.

Join in on global expressions of the Metaverse.

May your gather be well.

Join in on global expressions of the Metaverse.

Speakers to be announced soon.

GatherVerse Summit, a virtual event on February 22nd-25th.

The Global Summit of the Metaverse Community


  • Free and open to the public.

  • GatherVerse 2022 will be streamed from awe.live

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We have limited speaker space available.

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