GatherVerse Youth Summit


Youth Summit

  • January 21-22, 2025

  • 8:00 AM PST

  • The GatherVerse Youth Summit stands as a pioneering virtual event, uniting emerging technologies with the essence of human values, through the perspectives of both the youth and adults.

  • This 24-hour global summit will traverse every continent—Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, and include a unique segment from Antarctica—allocating specific hours to each to cultivate a worldwide dialogue on leveraging technology for the greater good of humanity.

  • This event is composed to be the most extensive of its kind ever held. We extend an invitation to anyone who envisions a future where technology elevates our collective human experience, promoting a world that is more universally, ethical, and sustainable.

Why Attend GatherVerse Youth Summit

Why Attend?

  • Connect with leading figures and innovators from varied backgrounds.

  • Explore into the societal impacts of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain.

  • Elevate the role of youth in contributing to the ethical landscape of technological development.

  • Identify individuals dedicated to a future where technology universally benefits all.

  • Acquire knowledge on making a tangible positive impact through technology.

Focus Features

Ethical Technology Use

Ethical Technology Use

Ethical Technology Use

Grasping the ethical dimensions tied to our digital progress.

Innovating Together

Innovating Together

Crafting technology that is accessible and advantageous for everyone, everywhere.



Investigating how new technologies can bolster environmental sustainability.

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness

Encouraging a balanced and healthy engagement with technology.



Adopting technology safely to enrich education and personal development.



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Who Attends?

  • Youth Advocates: Passionate about tech’s societal implications.

  • Educators: Bridging technology with learning.

  • Technology Professionals: Industry veterans and novices alike, who aspire to make a meaningful impact.

  • Policy Makers: Officials and NGO operatives keen on grasping the youth’s technological perspective.

  • Parents and Guardians: Individuals focused on the technological landscape their children will inherit.

Who Attends GatherVerse Youth Summit
Uniting Global Voices - GatherVerse Youth Summit

Uniting Global Voices

  • The GatherVerse Youth Summit goes beyond being an event; it’s a movement for global harmony.

  • Embracing diverse time zones and perspectives, we’re crafting a discourse on technology’s societal role that spans cultures and continents.


January 21-22, 2025


8:00 AM PST


Virtual Event

Interactive Highlights

  • In a meadow of wildflowers, a gathering of young individuals stand with a look that speaks to their readiness to embrace the challenges ahead. They are well aware of what’s happening around them. Many of them understand that they are heading into an era unlike anything their predecessors have ever known. Their voices collectively are clamoring for change.

  • The GatherVerse Youth Summit listens and acknowledges the critical importance of these young minds in developing our collective tomorrow. Their earnest expressions reflect a commitment to initiating meaningful transformation across every aspect of our shared existence. They are as determined as any generation we’ve ever known.

GatherVerse Youth Summit
Beyond the forest
  • Beyond the forest, what lies in wait for our younger generations? What paths must they take to reach their next destination on this journey?

  • At the intersection of humanity and emerging technologies, they stand. Beyond the forest, they confront our ever-changing world—the people, the seasons, and the winds of progress. The future is unknown for our leaders of tomorrow.

  • The path is uncertain; the route to innovation, undefined. They must grasp how we arrived here, where we stand, and contemplate where we might head next. They are not alone. There were those who cared, those who paused, taking precious moments to offer guidance in a good way.

Our Purpose

  • We aim to ignite global awareness that positions technology as a catalyst for human benefit.

  • By blending youthful insights with professional expertise, we foster conversations that lead to actionable strategies for ethical and innovative technological use.

Our Purpose - GatherVerse Youth Summit
GatherVerse Youth Summit

Join Us

  • This is your call to be part of a future where technology elevates our shared human experience, fostering a world that’s ethical, sustainable, and inclusive.

  • January 21-22, 2025

  • 8:00 AM PST

Impact Innovation Foundation
  • The Impact Innovation Foundation is proud to collaborate with the GatherVerse Youth Summit, a pivotal event that stands at the intersection of global unity and innovation.

  • As GatherVerse establishes itself as a leading platform where communities converge to foster humanity-first standards across accessibility, education, equality, and more within the metaverse and emerging technologies, our support aims to amplify this mission.

  • By sponsoring the GatherVerse Youth Summit, we not only contribute to the evolution of a future where technology serves humanity-first principles but also invite others to join us in this endeavor.

  • Through our non-profit framework, we offer a pathway for like-minded individuals and organizations to contribute financially, ensuring the summit’s message of building vibrant, inclusive communities in the AI era reaches as far as possible.

  • Together, with GatherVerse, we stand at the forefront of guiding a generation that values innovation, inclusivity, and the ethical development of technology for societal good.

Message from Christopher Lafayette - GatherVerse

Message From
Christopher Lafayette

Message From Christopher Lafayette

GatherVerse Founder

Imagine a world of possibilities. A world where global communities have equitable opportunities to collaborate globally with world-class researchers, educators, health professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, developers and engineers. Where humanity is considered first in every approach.

Where students use the Metaverse to discover, explore and master new understandings of using technology for good. A world where youth and adults are using best-in-class hardware and software to attempt the impossible and drive meaningful change. We’re building this world. We can build it together.

Join us at GatherVerse 2024.


GatherVerse is a global community initiative that prioritizes humanity-first standards in technology. It’s dedicated to discussing and promoting accessibility, education, equality, community development, safety, privacy, wellness, and ethics within the metaverse and emerging technologies.

The summit welcomes everyone interested in the ethical, educational, and humanitarian aspects of technology. This includes youth advocates, educators, technology professionals, policymakers, parents, and guardians, aiming to foster a future where technology benefits all humanity.

The summit explores into critical areas like ethical technology use, inclusive design, sustainability, digital wellness, and education empowerment. It’s designed to inspire actionable strategies for leveraging technology for global challenges.

Individuals and organizations passionate about making a meaningful impact in technology and society are encouraged to apply. The summit seeks speakers and partners who can contribute to a diverse and enriching dialogue on humanity-first technology. For detailed application processes, visit the official GatherVerse website.

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Yes, GatherVerse values the contribution of volunteers to help guide and inform participants throughout the event. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community while gaining insight into humanity-first technology discussions.

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GatherVerse is committed to uniting communities worldwide to explore, share, and express humanity-first standards in technology. By embracing a wide array of time zones, perspectives, and voices, GatherVerse aims to forge a truly global discourse on technology’s societal role.

For any additional questions or to get involved, visit the GatherVerse website or contact the GatherVerse team directly. Join us in building a future where technology uplifts humanity, guided by values of equality, accessibility, and ethical development.