Join in on global expressions of the metaverse, emergent technologies and humanity

SHE – Super Hero Engine

9-10-11 January, 2024

Super Hero Engine is a GatherVerse event that unites women of the metaverse, web3 and intersectional emerging technologies.

We celebrate feminine strength through community. This engine is fueled by collective girl power who desire to create a more inclusive and representative future.

S.H.E. summit invites women from different cultural backgrounds and extends the voices of many of our everyday superheroes that are building the metaverse today through the engine of humanity.

We envision a future where women in tech are equal partners in creating and shaping industry, and are respected and valued for their contributions with equal opportunity to succeed.

We believe that by supporting and empowering women in tech, will foster a more inclusive and innovative minded industry. Our aim is to create spaces where women can share their stories, learn from each other in their career journey.


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Empowered Voices
Global Impact

  • Welcome to the second annual SHE Summit 2024, an assembly of remarkable women who are leading the way in emerging technologies and beyond.
  • In an era of unprecedented transformation, these leaders are not just participating; they are defining the trajectory of change.

  • With every invention, every insight, and every initiative, they are shaping a world that is more innovative, more equitable, and more attuned to the needs of humanity.

Empowered Voices, Global Impact

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Leaders of Change, Architects of Tomorrow

Leaders of Change
Architects of Tomorrow

  • At SHE Summit, we’re not just celebrating the achievements of these incredible women; we’re amplifying their impact.

  • By creating a space where they can share their insights, their stories, and their visions, we’re fostering a richer, more vibrant future for all.

  • Here, every voice matters. Every perspective adds value. And every woman is recognized as a hero in the grand narrative of progress.

The Momentum Behind SHE Summit

  • Witness the power and potential of women as they lead the charge in technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and societal change.

  • Every voice, every breakthrough, every dream drives us towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Our Focus

Join us at SHE Summit 2024. Witness the power of women leaders who are not just making a mark but making a difference.

Human Capital Initiative

Empowering Innovation for Societal Good

Why Attend?

  • Inspirational Stories:
    Listen to firsthand accounts from women trailblazers, those who’ve surmounted obstacles and shaped industries.
  • Futuristic Insights:
    Dive deep into the potential of emerging technologies and the role of women in their development.

8 Standards of The Metaverse

8 Standards of The Metaverse

Empowering Women in Emerging Technologies & Beyond

  • SHE celebrates women at the forefront of web3 and intersecting technologies.

  • Our engine, powered by collective girl power, seeks to craft a future where women are active contributors and co-creators of the tech ecosystem.

  • We extend a platform for women from all cultural backgrounds to share their stories, wisdom, and innovations, amplifying the voices of our everyday superheroes crafting today’s technology landscape with humanity at its core.

  • Equal partnership, recognition, value, and opportunities are our core tenets. The tech world deserves the touch of every talented woman out there.

Empowering Women in Emerging Technologies & Beyond
Humanity at the Heart of Innovation

Humanity at the Heart of Innovation

  • In the midst of rapid technological advancement, our summit champions a “Humanity-First” ethos.

  • The technologies of tomorrow should be crafted with empathy, inclusivity, and a deep understanding of human needs.

Spotlight Segments

  • Authentic Allyship:
    Building bridges across backgrounds, industries, and experiences for collective growth.
  • Breaking Barriers:
    Hear from those who’ve shattered the proverbial glass ceilings in tech and beyond.
Join a Symphony of Voices and Visions

Join a Symphony of Voices and Visions

  • Engage in conversations with global female experts shaping the emerging technology ecosystem.

  • Together, we’ll explore the importance of integrating a “Humanity-First” ethos in the development of technology.

Pioneers’ Panel

  • A dedicated segment where seasoned professionals, renowned personalities, and industry leaders share their journey, the challenges they’ve faced, their vision for the future, and advice for the next generation.

Be Part of the SHE Summit

  • Join Us in Empowering Women! May our gathering be a beacon of inspiration, unity, and transformation.

  • Let’s shape a future that cares about the general well being of people and values the contributions of every woman.

Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape:
The SHE Blueprint

  • Listen to the discussions about how women are not just adapting to, but shaping, the technological future.

  • From AI to web3, from sustainability to equitable technology platforms, uncover the leading role women play in crafting tomorrow.