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If you’re reading this, then please know that we value wholesome and well intentioned partnerships with good regard and that GatherVerse desires such relationships with those of mutual interest.

We welcome and explore the prospects of us becoming partners together.

For your presence to be heard and seen by the global GatherVerse community.

Our partnerships are about humanity-first socially sustainable impact, community and alignment.

As we move forward, further into the metaverse and emerging technologies, connectivity has never been more important. We want to share our partnerships with the world.

We have every confidence that partnering with GatherVerse is well worth forging.

Get in touch with us today to secure your partnership for 2023.

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HP - Event Partner
The WXR Venture Fund
Linux Foundation

Our Community Partners
Blacks in Technology Foundation
XR Access


Each event featured in GatherVerse has been meticulously curated and developed to drive meaningful discussions and community dialogue.

Every featured event brings forth relevant participants and new members who’ve come to gather with us.

We know the value of your story and welcome the opportunity to weave your narrative with ours.

Advertising Opportunities

With GatherVerse we enjoy bringing our community together to share.

Equally we like to help promote valued opportunities, platforms and experiences.

Not every advertisement will be appropriate for our participants; we’re always happy to hear what might be and could become.


We’re always open to new and fresh ideas that can be presented sensibly to our global community.

Might we explore what is possible and beyond the horizon together?

Community Partnership

Identify through their own organizations the inherent need for greater accessibility, education, equality, community development, safety, privacy and wellness.

They understand that in some capacity each focus represents great importance in the global ecosystem of work.

With GatherVerse, each standard has equal value and need for both public and private sectors of life.

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Partner with GatherVerse News as a premium sponsor and connect with our engaged audience of professionals, innovators, and thought leaders focused on humanity-first standards in technology.

By aligning your brand with our platform, you’ll reinforce your commitment to ethical technology, gain access to customized promotional opportunities, and enhance your position as an industry leader.

Fill out our inquiry form to explore the mutual benefits of a sponsorship partnership, and join us in shaping the future of responsible technology.

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Gathering Earth’s communities to add collective values to the metaverse.

We gather world communities together.

Our mission is to bring the metaverse and emerging technologies into a clearer, humanity centered view.