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If you’re reading this, know that we highly value sincere and well-intentioned sponsorships.

At GatherVerse, we’re eager to cultivate such relationships with parties who share our mutual interests.

We welcome the opportunity to explore the potential for partnership, aiming to amplify your presence within the global GatherVerse community. Our sponsorships are designed to foster socially sustainable and globally impactful community alignment.

As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of emerging technologies, the importance of connectivity has never been greater.

We’re excited to share our sponsorship opportunities with the world, confident that partnering with GatherVerse is a worthwhile endeavor. Contact us today to secure your sponsorship for the 2023/2024 cycle.

We have every confidence that partnering with GatherVerse is well worth forging.

Get in touch with us today to secure your sponsorship for 2024/2025.

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HP - Event Partner
The WXR Venture Fund
Linux Foundation

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Impact Innovation Foundation
Pack it up University
VAC Athletics
Breaking Barriers Women in CyberSecurity
XReality Pro


Each event featured in GatherVerse has been meticulously curated and developed to drive meaningful discussions and community dialogue.

Every featured event brings forth relevant participants and new members who’ve come to gather with us.

We know the value of your story and welcome the opportunity to weave your narrative with ours.

Advertising Opportunities

With GatherVerse we enjoy bringing our community together to share.

Equally we like to help promote valued opportunities, platforms and experiences.

Not every advertisement will be appropriate for our participants; we’re always happy to hear what might be and could become.


We’re always open to new and fresh ideas that can be presented sensibly to our global community.

Might we explore what is possible and beyond the horizon together?


GatherVerse stands as an unparalleled global ecosystem, where the world’s most discerning communities converge. At our core, we prioritize humanity-first standards, shaping the dialogue around accessibility, education, equality, community growth, safety, privacy, and the ethical dimensions of AI, the metaverse and cutting-edge technologies.

• Premier Global Engagement: Position your brand at the epicenter of critical conversations, gaining unparalleled exposure among global professionals.
• Unrivaled Association: By collaborating with GatherVerse, your brand becomes synonymous with excellence, innovation, and ethical leadership in the emerging technology landscape.
• Strategic Advantage: Harness the power of a forward-thinking community, steering the trajectory of tomorrow’s technology and its societal implications.

Seize the opportunity to align with the future, today. Experience the unmatched prestige of collaborating with GatherVerse.

Together Moving Humanity Forward: AccessibilityEducationEqualityCommunitySafetyPrivacyWellnessEthics

Our mission is to bring the metaverse and emerging technologies into a clearer, humanity centered view.