About GatherVerse

Welcome to GatherVerse, a global ecosystem where communities unite to promote a humanity-first approach to technology.

Where part of our mission is to inspire and connect people worldwide while fostering a forward-thinking perspective on the role of technology in our lives. We believe that technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we live, work, and interact with each other, but only if we prioritize human values and well-being.

At GatherVerse, we are committed to promoting accessibility, education, equality, community development, safety & privacy, wellness, and ethics as core values. We bring together people from all industries, technical and non-technical, to ensure that diverse voices are heard and that the future of technology is shaped by collective values.

Since our establishment in 2021, we have brought together individuals from various technical and non-technical industries to provide a platform for their voices to be heard. We organize events throughout the year, including an Annual Summit where thought leaders, professionals, and practitioners share their ideas on how we can shape a future that prioritizes humanity and the greater good.

At GatherVerse, we believe that technology should be harnessed to support human values and aspirations, and we are committed to promoting a thoughtful and compassionate approach to its development and use.

Whether you’re in technology or simply interested in how technology affects our lives, our community goes beyond technology and is inclusive of all humankind. We welcome you to join our community.


GatherVerse’s mission is to create a global ecosystem where communities gather to explore, share, and express humanity-first standards in AI, the Metaverse, and emerging technologies, fostering impactful discussions, catalyzing positive social change, and driving innovation.

May our gather be well.

Our Current Focus


A human centered approach to the Metaverse and emerging technologies.


Metaverse and emerging technology access, globally. How does this happen?


Education is essential for every citizen on earth. Is this possible for the Metaverse and emerging technologies?


Equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

Community Development

What does community mean for the metaverse and emerging technologies?

Safety and Privacy

Safe and secure experiences for every visitor of the metaverse is essential.


Mental and general physical wellness programs


What are the ethical standards of the Open Metaverse?

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