GatherVerse Summit


Presented are a few of our Keynotes, Talks and Roundtable Speakers, with Several more participants to be featured

Taryn Mackenzie Williams

Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy

Dr. Thomas A. Furness III

Founder and Chairman, Virtual World Society

Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Founder and Chief Scientist, All These Worlds, LLC

Christopher Lafayette

Founder of The Black Technology Mentorship Program

Dr. Muhsinah L. Morris

Project Manager, Morehouse in the Metaverse

Rosario B. Casas

Co-Founder & CEO, XR Americas

Bill Curtis-Davidson

Co-Director, Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

Brittan Heller

Democracy and Technology Fellow, The Atlantic Council

Joanna Popper

Global Head of XR,

Jourdan Saunders

Founder & CEO of The Resource Key

Terry Proto

Co-Founder + CEO, Virtual Reality Marketing

Amanda Stanhaus

Responsible Innovation Manager at Accenture

Sonia Hunt

Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Food Allergy Activist, Health + Business Strategist

Marcus Shingles

Founder – Exponential Destiny

Hussainatu Blake

Co-Founder of Ed2Tech

Kent Bye

Producer, Voices of VR Podcast

Karen Alexander

Director, XRconnectED

Ben Erwin

Creator of The Polys – WebXR Awards and WebXR Summit Series

Natasha Rabsatt

Experience Designer

Christian Stiegler

Director, Guiding Light – Center for Ethics and Sustainable Technologies

Alex Porter

CEO, Mod Tech Labs

Steve Buchanan

Principal Program Manager Microsoft

Ari Mostov

Founder of WellPlay, a health entertainment company

Jim Bradbury

Chief Operating Officer, Librarium Incorporated

Sonya Seddarasan

Founder of UPWorlds

Siamak A. Bazzaz


Nathalie Mathe

Creative Director at NativeVR

Ippolito Imani Caradonna

CEO Co-founder at Aug Lab

Aastha Sahni

CyberSecurity Training Specialist

Christiaan Eisberg

CEO, Straight Fire

Teresa Chan

Marketing Manager, VereNFT

Babbette Rosalie Jackson

Cybersecurity Engineer

Arome Ibrahim

360VR Developer – Experis Immersive

Dr. Abhilasha Vyas

Vertical Head, Cloud Security, CloudThat Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Stacey Ann Berry

Government Relations Consultant, Bstellar™ Group Inc.

Jessica Outlaw

Founder of The Extended Mind

Stephanie Hervey

Executive Director The Artisan Hub

Neranjan Bissoon

Video Game Talent Agent at DDM and Advisor at Mega Cat Studios

Eddie Avil

Founder XROM/CHANGE: Transform India

Chris Wrobel

CEO & Founder @ Virbe

Saman Fatima

Data Engineer, Macquarie Group

Hassanatu Blake

EdTech+ Leader and Educator
Global Health Professional

Sarah Ennis

Global Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships
Intergalactic Agency

Elijah Claude

XR Design Strategist

Marlaina Love

CEO & Founder – Pipe Dream Academy LLC

Kahlil Ashanti

Founder/CEO, Mantis XR

Kevin Vincent

VP Global Business Development, Utopia VR

John Brooks

Wildlife Biologist, Independent Filmmaker

Caitlin Krause

Founder, MindWise

Esther O’Callaghan OBE

Founder CEO, hundo

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Founder of Educators in VR & Associate Executive Director of Virtual World Society

Luis Bravo Martins


Kathleen Cohen

XR Immersive Tech & Experience Strategist, Tech Humanist at The Collaboratorium

Daniel van der Waals

Co-Creating Your Open Metaverse (YOM) together with You // Founder at Beemup

Mikhaila Stettler


Jerry Weinstein

Thought Partner / Strategist / Speechwriter / Ghostwriter

Carl Lorenzo McIver

Branding Wellness Architect

Reginé Gilbert

Industry Assistant Professor, New York University (NYU)

Christopher Patnoe

Head of Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, EMEA, Google – and Member of XR Association, XR Access and W3C

Pia Zaragoza

UX Mentor at Springboard and Presidential Innovation Fellow

Diane Tucker

CEO of DMMSI | COO of SolAg | Governing Director of BTMP

John W. Alexander

Senior Instructional Designer, San Diego State University, Global Campus

Sara Carbonneau

UX Researcher, Writer & Editor

Shrutirupa Banerjiee

Web Application Security Analyst, WAF Research, Qualys

Ruchira Pokhriyal

Associate Cloud Developer-Security, AWS

Athena Demos

Co-Founder/CEO Big Rock Creative Inc.

Sophia Moshasha

XR Business Strategist

Amélie Ebongué

Author, Social Media Expert & Speaker – Entertainment Marketing Specialist

Jeremy Nickel

Founder of EvolVR

Skip Rizzo

Director, Medical Virtual Reality – Institute for Creative Technologies

Celeste Lear

VR Event Producer & Immersive Designer

Nanea Reeves

Co-Founder and CEO of TRIPP

Kenneth Underhill

Host & Executive Producer, Cyber Life® Television Show

Marcelo De Santis

Director, Digital Transformation at ThoughtWorks

Claudia Aparicio

Managing Partner, SingularityU Colombia

Santiago Alfaro

Research Scientist at Intel Labs

Toby Eduardo Redshaw

CEO, Verus Advisory

Jesse Martinez

Co-author; 4X Founder
Founder @Latinx_startups

Dedren Snead

Founder of SUBSUME

Vince Kohli

Global Exponential Impact Capitalist

Trinidad Hermida

Founder & CEO of The Hermida Company LLC

Mark Billinghurst

Director, Empathic Computing Laboratory

Genea Barnes

Unconscious Mind Expert | Life Coach | Public Speaker | Podcaster

Linda Ricci

Founder of Decahedralist

Lori Fena

Co-Founder, Personal Digital Spaces (PDS)

Mike Belcher

Sr. Director Edtech Innovation at HP,Inc

Erika H. Siegel

PHD, Sr. Research Scientist, HP, Inc

Stefan Youngblood

Founder CEO Black Metaverse™

Devin Baldwin

Lead Instuctor at STEM Tank

Tim Porter

Chief Technology Officer at Modtech Labs Inc.

Adrian Driscoll

Head of Immersive at Collimation

Ethan Bach

Founder and CEO at Alt Ethos

Maroua El Mokhtari

Head of Marketing & Sales – Virtual Events

Laurent Chrétien

Directeur Général chez Laval Virtual

Harriet Bartlett

Head of Community Relations chez Laval Virtual

Raulvin Coke

Co-Founder & CEO of Future Wise

Shea Richburg

Co-founder of Future Wise Group

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