Raulvin Coke

Co-Founder & CEO of Future Wise


Raulvin Coke is a Future of Work & Metaverse strategist & entrepreneur tapped by start-ups, influencers & organizations. He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Future Wise, a Metaverse-focused media & consulting firm working with start-ups, businesses, influencers, and celebrities to enter the Metaverse and build a future-proof Web 3.0 brand strategy.

Raulvin is also the Executive Producer and host of the new podcast “Metaverse-ology and the Award-Winning Podcast “Surviving The Future of Work”. Raulvin & his partner Shea Richburg are the creators of the M-iQ (Metaverse Intelligence Quotient). The M-iQ is a behavioral framework being leveraged by XR/VR experience developers and educators to provide safety guidelines for children in the Metaverse.

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