Carl Lorenzo McIver

Branding Wellness Architect


Red Bloodless Medicine and Surgery
Nursing Ecosystem
Metaverse Avitar Fitting

“If you’re not first, your last” has started to become my motto. Serving as a creative talent for small to large organizations, advertising agencies, design studios, and my independent clients over the years helped me realize that although being the best is good, being the first is better. My education began at the High School of Art & Design in New York City and Pratt Institute of Design in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with creative teams in producing materials for Apple, American Express, Sears, Pfizer, Google, New York Medicaid Managed Care, Columbia Music, Simon Schuster, and more. I’ve learned much from these project experiences and earned multiple design awards over the past years. Doing what you love in life is only as important as caring for the people you serve. I’ve enjoyed many decades of volunteer work in interior design and video direction for the Watchtower & Bible Tract Society. I’ve also traveled to Hong Kong, Paris, Italy, Greece, and Hawaii as an International Convention Delegate for the organization.

I’m proud to have recently launched a few global initiatives to provide public awareness and brand identity engagement. My branding social media creative oversight of Red Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, The Nursing Ecosystem, and Metaverse Fitting will offer new pathways for public awareness, more significant partnerships, and more stakeholder positioning opportunities.

I’m excited to encapsulate my history in healthcare, creative design, and social media engagement to branch out into a new digital horizon. The Metaverse is the newest frontier where digital pioneers are setting out to plot space for themselves and the people they serve. I often feel like a digital cowboy bucking traditional thoughts on communication but holding on to the reins of basic human respect and moral principles. I hope that all begin to exercise this balance. Thie results will lead to a safer Metaverse environment where all can feel safe to enjoy the freedoms of travel within this new space.

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