Pia Zaragoza

UX Mentor at Springboard and Presidential Innovation Fellow


Pia Zaragoza is a creative technologist, researcher, and educator exploring the current use cases and future possibilities of emerging technologies. She has held strategic roles at Fortune 500 companies working on inclusive design and accessibility research.

Constantly tinkering and experimenting, her work is at the intersection of computer science, engineering, and the social sciences. She is well-versed with hardware, software, web, and mobile development.

Her past fellowships include Cinereach, IDEO, and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University is where Pia honed in on the art and science of innovation.

At the Movement Lab in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, her research on drones for humanitarian applications was funded by a UNICEF Innovation Grant.

She completed additional coursework as a visiting student in CoDesign as it relates to privacy and surveillance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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