Our Global Community Leaders

Our Global Community Leaders


At GatherVerse, our Volunteer Directors, hailing from diverse continents and roles, are pivotal contributors of our vibrant community. Despite their professional obligations, they dedicate their efforts to promote GatherVerse’s vision within their respective areas.

The strength of GatherVerse lies in the diversity of our community and the value we place on every director’s contribution. We provide flexibility, respecting each director’s unique commitments, and understand that while we expand our team, we can only accommodate a certain number.

Nonetheless, we believe in the value of every willing heart and encourage active participation. Welcome to GatherVerse, where every voice counts, every effort matters, and we move together towards a harmonious future of technology and humanity.


  • Director of Africa

  • Director of Asia

  • Director of Europe

  • Director of Middle East

  • Director of South America

  • Director of Oceania

  • Director of Antartica

  • Director of North America


  • Director of Accessibility

  • Director of Education

  • Director of Community

  • Director of Culture

  • Director of Safety

  • Director of Privacy

  • Director of Wellness

  • Director of Ethics


  • Director of Arts

  • Director of Volunteers

  • Director of Events

  • Director of Youth Outreach

  • Director of Climate

  • Director of Partnerships

  • Director of Technology

  • Director of Fundraising

  • Director of Policy




For all Directors
A hopeful collective focus forward:

  • Consider hosting at least one event within a calendar year of 2023/2024, which includes conceptualizing the event theme, crafting a compelling description, and identifying potential speakers.

  • Suggest outreach initiatives for the GatherVerse community to get involved with.

  • Regularly engage with the GatherVerse community in particular your community area of focus to understand their interests, issues, and expectations for humanity at the intersection of technology.

Continental Directors

Each Continental Director is the representative of their respective continent in the GatherVerse community. They play a pivotal role in promoting GatherVerse and its initiatives within their territory.

Continental Directors

Continental Directors play a crucial role in shaping GatherVerse’s reach across continents.

They ensure that the spirit of GatherVerse resonates in every corner of their respective continents, taking into account the unique cultural, socio-economic, and technological landscape.

By fostering a dialogue about emerging technologies at a continental level, they contribute to the shaping of our global narrative.

Standards Directors

Standards Directors are the navigators of their respective fields within the GatherVerse community, guiding the way and passionately championing GatherVerse’s initiatives within their specialist areas.

Standards Directors

Our Standards Directors ensure the integrity and consistency of our discourse across all levels.

They set the guidelines for engagement, conversation, and representation in all GatherVerse platforms, maintaining the coherence of our collective narrative.

Their work is instrumental in shaping the GatherVerse culture of informed and respectful dialogue about emergent technologies.

Functional Directors

Each Functional Director plays a critical role in shaping and executing specific strategies within their area of expertise in the GatherVerse community.

Their vision and leadership in their function are pivotal to promoting GatherVerse’s initiatives and driving our mission forward.

Functional Directors

Functional Directors are the pillars supporting various operational aspects of GatherVerse.

From event organization to community engagement, they guide and supervise key functions that keep our discourse flowing.

Their expertise in their respective functions ensures that our efforts are effective, impactful, and resonate with our mission.

Country Directors

Country Directors are the torchbearers of the GatherVerse community in their respective nations, kindling enthusiasm and steering our global initiatives with cultural sensitivity and local influence.

Country Directors

Country Directors hold the crucial responsibility of safeguarding the integrity of our discourse at a national level within the GatherVerse community.

They establish the framework for engagement, communication, and representation on all GatherVerse platforms within their respective countries, ensuring a coherent and collective narrative.

Their tireless efforts are key to fostering a culture of informed and respectful conversation around emerging technologies in the national context.

State Directors

State Directors anchor GatherVerse’s vision within their states, transforming abstract goals into tangible actions that resonate within their communities.

State Directors

State Directors play an essential role in maintaining the integrity and consistency of our discourse at a state level within the GatherVerse community.

By setting the rules of engagement, communication, and representation on all GatherVerse platforms within their respective states, they help maintain our shared narrative.

Their significant contributions help shape a culture within their states that is deeply rooted in informed, respectful discussions surrounding emergent technologies.

City Directors

City Directors embody the ethos of GatherVerse in their cities, igniting innovation and catalyzing the momentum for positive change at a grassroots level.

City Directors

Our City Directors infuse local vibrancy into the global GatherVerse community.

Their critical role involves orchestrating virtual local events, providing unique experiences that inspire and connect individuals across the globe.

They champion GatherVerse’s mission within their cities, fostering informed, respectful discussions about emerging technologies, and ensuring the diverse voices of their locale are represented in our global narrative.