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GatherVerse is a global ecosystem where communities gather to discuss humanity-first standards in accessibility, education, equality, community development, safety & privacy, wellness, and ethics within the metaverse and emerging technologies.

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8 Standards of The Metaverse

8 Standards of The Metaverse

Multi Generational

Generational thinking to advance further.

Assembling global communities to innovate humanely.

Featured Community Speakers

A Multi Generational Community of Speakers expressing Humanity-First steps of the Metaverse and Emerging Technologies

Taryn Mackenzie Williams

Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy

Tom Furness

Founder and Chairman
Virtual World Society

Joanna Popper

Chief Metaverse Officer
Creative Artists Agency

Christopher Lafayette


Tony Parisi

Chief Strategy Officer

Diane Tucker

Impact Innovation Foundation

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

Web3 advisor & investor

Alvin Wang Graylin

China President, HTC
Global VP of Corp. Dev., HTC

Sandy Carter


Louis Rosenberg

CEO & Chief Scientist
Unanimous AI

Dr. Muhsinah L. Morris

Morehouse in the Metaverse

Sorcha Mulligan

Venture Partner
The SMEChain

Dr. Ritesh Jain

Infynit / Former COO HSBC / World Metaverse Council

Bob Cooney

The VR Collective

Paula MacDowell

Assistant Professor
University of Saskatchewan

Steve Buchanan

Principal Program Manager

Miranda Lutz

Senior Director of Public Policy
XR Association

Katarina M.V. Galic

Founder and CEO
X|ergy SusTech Powerhouse

Brittan Heller

Democracy and Technology Fellow
The Atlantic Council

Jeremy Prasetyo

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Tammy Francis

CEO, Educator, and Strategist
Catalyst 4 Change Global

Dr. Debi Silber

The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute

Nova Lorraine

Futurist | Fashion Designer | Founder
House of Nova | Raine Magazine

Ippolito Imani Caradonna

CEO Co-founder
Aug Lab

Human Capital Initiative

Empowering Innovation for Societal Good

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Generation: Global

Enter a space where borders fade, generations merge, and the intricate interplay of humanity and technology is at the forefront.

Welcome to Generation: Global, the official podcast of GatherVerse.

Every week, we bring together voices from around the world to dive deep into the digital threads that connect us all.

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Message from Christopher Lafayette - GatherVerse

Message From
Christopher Lafayette

Message From Christopher Lafayette

GatherVerse Founder

Imagine a world of possibilities. A world where global communities have equitable opportunities to collaborate globally with world-class researchers, educators, health professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, developers and engineers. Where humanity is considered first in every approach.

Where students use the Metaverse to discover, explore and master new understandings of using technology for good. A world where youth and adults are using best-in-class hardware and software to attempt the impossible and drive meaningful change. We’re building this world. We can build it together.

Join us at GatherVerse 2024.