Tim Porter

Chief Technology Officer at Modtech Labs Inc.


I pride myself on creating ways to use technology in unique ways and using the right technology for the job.

My strong foundation in art and sharp mind for technical details have allowed me to grow from gaming to movies to emerging technology over the course of decade long career.

A systematic overview of project development allows me to improve workflows, optimize technical solutions, and automate many processes.

Bringing this expertise to a forward thinking market on the edge of technology has expanded my ability to pioneer uncharted territory in AR, VR, MR, XR, IoT, AI, Networking, Volumetric Video and more.

Bringing relevant and needed change to businesses looking toward the future of technology.

Talk Title and Description:


Creating Content for Those With Limited Mobility: Providing Choice


Content Creation for those with limited mobility can be challenging if not planned out from the beginning. We will cover some easy to implement features that can reach the widest audience and ensure that those with limited mobility have a choice.

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