Bill Curtis-Davidson

Co-Director, Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)


Bill Curtis-Davidson is a Strategic Program Manager at the XR Access Initiative. A Senior Consultant for Wheelhouse Group, Bill also serves as the Co-Director of the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT), where he works to advance the employment and retention of people with disabilities in the workforce through the development and adoption of accessible emerging technologies like AI and XR. Previously, Bill served as the leader of accessibility at Magic Leap, and has worked in strategic accessibility and inclusive design at Level Access, IBM and Georgia Tech.

Roundtable Discussion:

Title: Advancing a Disability-Inclusive Metaverse

Description: As the metaverse evolves, everyone should be able to design, develop and participate in it – including people who identify as people with disabilities. Disability intersects with all other dimensions of human diversity.

Leveraging the knowledge, skills and lived experiences of people who are multiply marginalized can help us build more accessible technology, content and experiences for the metaverse.

This discussion will explore these topics by gathering together leading thinkers advancing disability inclusion and accessibility of XR and immersive technologies.

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