Genea Barnes

Unconscious Mind Expert | Life Coach | Public Speaker | Podcaster


Genea Barnes is an Unconscious Mind Expert who helps people unleash their personal power by reprogramming their unconscious limitations.

She is a Master Neuro Design Engineer, Master Results Coach, Transformational Hypnotherapist, and a Master NLP Practitioner.

She uses these tools, as well as her experience, and teachings from personal development, mindfulness, transformation, and neuroscience to permanently shift limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviors and patterns, heal trauma, eliminate excessive emotional reactions, and transform the mindsets of her clients.

She is driven to elevate people into the full expansiveness of who they are born to be.

Talk Title and Description:


Expanding Your Wellness through the Metaverse


The last couple of years have been full of innovation and expansion, but they have also brought up and highlighted issues that had been buried and hidden underneath a plethora of unconscious coping mechanisms and strategies. This has created a greater need than ever for people to step into doing whatever it takes to enhance their wellness and wellbeing.

The wait lists for therapists led many people to step outside their comfort zone and step into the metaverse to work with healers, coaches, and therapists around the globe. As more people became comfortable with the technology, more became possible in the area of wellness.

You were no longer confined to the people available in your town.Virtual connection to so many guides in wellness meant that people were able to find the ideal person to help them–even if they were on the opposite side of the country.

Join Genea Barnes, Unconscious Mind Expert, for a dive into why it is important to take advantage of what is available in the metaverse, what has been at the root of many issues in the last two years, and what becomes possible when you take the time to heal and step into your wellness.

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