Mike Belcher

Sr. Director Edtech Innovation at HP,Inc


Mike began his career at HP in 2007 as the Americas Education Solutions Manager and has been HP’s Director of EdTech Innovation since 2015. As a passionate instructional technology advocate & innovation strategist and especially a proud Father, Husband and Son of brilliant Educators, the intersection of improving instructional strategies through the impact of right technologies is in his DNA

Mike has dedicated his career to helping schools leverage technology and innovative instructional strategies to revolutionize their teaching and learning strategies and help move from Teacher-centric to Student-centered learning. Launching these new “Student-Centered, Personalized Learning” solutions included product management and market development of new education solutions including HP Classroom Manager www.hp.com/go/hpclassroommanager . Mike helped develop HP Education solutions messaging for the HP K12 Education site www.hp.com/hpeducation and for Higher Education www.hp.com/hied and is currently focused on Industry 4.0 Technologies, like A.I. XR and Additive Manufacturing, impact on building CaTE and STEAM programs to ensure US Students are prepared for the job and skill growth demanded. During the pandemic Mike spearheaded programs like HP’s Learn From Home with resources to help with the challenging tasks of Virtual and Hybrid teaching and learning.

In 2012, Mike helped formulate the HP Education Strategy team for the Americas, as K12 and HiED Subject Matter Expert and advocate for innovative education needs with-in HP. In addition, Mike works regularly with State Legislature, Offices of Education, University and School District Leadership to solve the complex challenges facing our schools to deliver sustainable, but effective Instructional outcomes through the use of technology. For the ten years prior to HP, Mike was the Sr. Learning Product Manager for Gateway, Inc, one of the nation’s largest technology companies. He was responsible for planning, developing and delivering Gateways technology-based learning solutions. He worked regularly with leaders in the Instructional technology field, to help create synergistic solutions to educational and learning problems

Raised in California with stints in Texas, Mike now resides in Reno, NV and is a member of CoSN, ASTD and ISTE, sits on several Educational & Workforce Readiness Boards and is involved in Ed Tech Learning initiatives as well as a speaker and panelist for multiple State and National events for the education market.

Talk Title and Description:


XR in the “future of Higher Education”


The Pandemic has brought to light the growing shortages of skilled professionals in so many Industries. Knowing how challenging it is to provide Situational/Experiential Learning in today’s environments, we see XR technologies leading the way. Whether that’s Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT, or in both K12 and HiED. We must explore and research better ways to skill and reskill our students and workers and that’s exactly what HP’s Director of edtech Innovation, showcases in this fast-paced session.

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