Dedren Snead

Founder of SUBSUME


Dedren Snead is an artist, developer, creative consultant, emerging technologist and futurist from Atlanta, Georgia. Dedren uses graphic novels, animation, gaming and augmented reality to build inclusive storytelling platforms in the Metaverse that performs for social good.

His futures company SUBSUME looks to close the Digital Divide between marginalized voices and cultures through inclusive shared media works that fosters technology equity and makes the transmedia experience accessible and sustainable for all.

A serial entrepreneur, Dedren’s most recent project is a educational technology platform that connects K-12 and Early Career students to pathways in Creative and Technical careers through gamified project- based learning modules and workforce development.

Dedren hosts SUBSUME SUMMIT a series of virtual and hybrid engagements centered around Afrofuturism and Speculative Fiction in comic books, games, film and art to foster growth for Black and BIPOC+ creatives a space to develop and share their expertise.

Also known for his award-nominated fantasy comic book series SORGHUM & SPEAR, Dedren created a anthology-centered saga

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