Christiaan Eisberg

CEO, Straight Fire


Christiaan is co-founder of Straight Fire and serial entrepreneur, with 25 years experience in energy, fashion and digital commerce. After various executive roles in BP, he co-founded and grew menswear brand Martyn Bal into an international success, served as CEO of celebrity- favourite handbag brand Meli Melo and co-founded European fashionTech platform ‘a lovely thing’.

Subsequently, Christiaan co founded FIVE group, a Sino-European advisory firm, is mentor of various start-ups and a frequent speaker on branding, digital commerce and NFTs.

Now he and his team are shaping the future of NFTs and building an essential part of the NFT infrastructure through Straight Fire’s NFT Social dApp, where he enables NFT creators, collectors and enthusiasts to tell their NFT stories to the world.

Talk Title and description:

TITLE: NFTs are emotions you own 

DESCRIPTION: At Straight Fire, we think of the Metaverse as a continuously changing, decentralised, creator-driven ecosystem, without physical or spacetime limitations, where humanity and technology co-exist in a balanced, symbiotic relationship, enabling humanity to experience the real in the digital. We believe that the Metaverse is built on humanity and will develop based on the human emotions it evokes.

NFTs are an important accelerator of the Metaverse and at Straight Fire, we enable NFT creators, collectors and enthusiasts to tell their NFT stories to the world. Christiaan Eisberg, co-founder and CEO of Straight Fire, explains why he believes that NFTs are emotions you own. He discusses why technology is not the driver of the Metaverse and humanity is. He explains how smart contracts are more than just a few lines of code and will have a profound influence on our lives.

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