Toby Eduardo Redshaw

CEO, Verus Advisory


Toby Redshaw is SVP at Verizon, where he is responsible for 5G Ecosystems, Innovation, Product Development, AR/VR, and Verizon’s Location Services/Geo Intelligence Business. He works at the nexus of pragmatism and innovation. Prior to joining Verizon Toby was CEO of Kevington Advisors, a leading-edge consultancy working on enterprise tech strategy, coaching startup, and various government/military engagements.

Toby was also the Global CIO at American Express and at Aviva PLC, a UK-headquartered $85B revenue insurer with $800B in assets under management. Prior to that, he spent six years at Motorola, where he simultaneously had the product, marketing, strategy, and technology responsibilities in addition to being exec chairman of a portfolio and the first Chief Procurement Officer.

He helped found and run a global startup based in Silicon Valley, China, London, and Ohio. He started his career as one of the first employees on the international side of FedEx, where he had a 17-year career in business and IT. He was awarded the honor of one of the Top 50 Global CIOs by InformationWeek and a Top 25 CTO by InfoWorld.

He is the founding chairman (emeritus) of The World Innovation Network, one of the most respected innovation organizations in the US. Toby was born and raised in Mexico City and is proud to have become a US citizen in 2014.

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