Jessica Outlaw

Founder of The Extended Mind


Jessica Outlaw is a behavioral scientist and the founder of The Extended Mind research agency.

She creates decision tools to advance social and behavioral science into emerging technologies.

She is the author of a book on cognitive biases in product development and another on decision-making.

She is the creator of the online course the Tech Ethics Toolkit offered Spring every year.

Talk Title and description:

“Don’t Track My Life”: Consumer Data & Privacy Survey Results

Jessica Outlaw conducted a 1,010 person survey of U.S. participants to assess consumer knowledge about privacy and data collection in current and emerging tech. The research captured discomfort and examples of how some existing data practices feel like privacy violations. Some respondents distrust data defaults and desire a higher standard of privacy protections. And almost all respondents have adopted at least one privacy service. Come to this talk to learn more about people’s attitudes and motivations for privacy, and what product creators need to know about consent.

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