Christian Stiegler

Director, Guiding Light – Center for Ethics and Sustainable Technologies


Christian Stiegler is an award-winning researcher and internationally renowned expert on emerging technologies. His work is at the forefront of the global “Tech for Good” movement to create a responsible, ethical, and sustainable technological future. As the Director of Guiding Light – Center for Ethics and Sustainable Technologies, the first international organization for Tech for Good, he supports the benefits and improvements emerging technologies could bring to our society, economy, and welfare. Guiding Light’s vision is to tackle social problems with the help of emerging technologies, and create long-lasting impact on education, health and longevity, equal opportunities, and environmental sustainability.

Over the last few years Christian has developed an internationally recognized profile and has been invited as keynote speaker and panel guest on Tech for Good and Extended Reality to such major industry events such as SXSW, Cannes XR, Berlinale, International Film Festival Rotterdam, C21 Content Summit London, and MIPTV Cannes. His experiences in film, television, and music led to projects with leading international broadcasters and labels such as BBC, ZDF, Time Warner, and Beggars Group, as well as acclaimed artists such as Björk. Christian has been Professor of Media at Universities in the UK and Germany, and has published several books with acclaimed publishers such as MIT Press (The 360° Gaze: Immersions in Media, Society, and Culture, 2021).

Talk Title and Description:


Guiding Light: How to find ways into a responsible, ethical, and sustainable technological future in the Metaverse


Technology has always provoked a broad spectrum of hopes and fears – the Metaverse is no exception to that. The key to understanding the benefits and improvements the Metaverse could bring to our global society is the human factor. It will be crucial how we are able to educate and empower individuals and communities to take part in the conversation on eye level with each other to use the Metaverse for the greater good. In particular, the Metaverse needs to become a safe space for those voices which are often overheard when we discuss the hopes and fears of emerging technologies. This talk will focus on ways into a responsible, ethical, and sustainable technological future in the Metaverse on the example of the international organization “Guiding Light – Center for Ethics and Sustainable Technologies”. Together with a diverse and inclusive community of technologists, entrepreneurs, NGOs, charity organizations, and artists, Guiding Light initiates ethical and sustainable technology projects that benefit the wider public, tackle social problems, and address structural and transitional challenges in various areas of our lives. Its mission focuses on education, collaboration, measuring social impact, and debating and setting ethical standards for emerging technologies.

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