Amélie Ebongué

Author, Social Media Expert & Speaker – Entertainment Marketing Specialist


Amélie Ebongué is an expert in content strategy on social media. She has a deep knowledge of their uses in communities. She worked as a social media lead at Publicis, VMLRY&R and TBWA on several clients.

She launched Forbes and HYPEBEAST in France, then developed a taste for teaching in many communication schools. Passionate about the major changes in our society, she analyzes the territories of digital expression and anticipates the trends of uses that will shape the behaviours of tomorrow.

With her experiences, she becomes a researcher of the uses and behaviors of audiences on social media. Amélie Ebongué was the main French ambassador for the LinkedIn solutions.

She has just published her first book A Great Opportunity for Brands at DUNOD (Hachette) focusing on content marketing, genZ, impact of music industry and creator economy in the digital area during the pandemic.

Talk Title and description:


The essence of community building in the metaverse


The gaming ecosystem is set to become more community-driven with the help of decentralized tech, empowering creators and coders. The paradigm has changed. We moved from a « corporation first » to « community first » way.

The community forms around an idea or interest through engagement and collaboration with the community, and concepts emerge out of the community. It’s « community first » and more than even a community-driven approach. These communities are decentralized and community-governed designs can be put to vote, and the artwork with the highest number of votes from the community can ultimately get accepted for the final design. Every time someone mints an NFT, the artists who worked on the asset earn royalties from it for each transaction. This will open up unexplored terrains of monetizing creative knowledge and skills.

Why is the community so important? Amelie Ebongué will explain to you the fundamentals and the essence of building a community. Everyone who ignores community in the age of social media which is everyone who thinks brand-first instead of audience-first will struggle the most with anything Web 3.0-related.

You can’t crack the metaverse (or whatever you call it) when you don’t even understand the very basic principle of social media.

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