Shea Richburg

Co-founder of Future Wise Group


An internationally recognized author, speaker and futurist, Shea Richburg has partnered with large corporations to strategically facilitate training, and consulting. This career maverick has transformed lives by providing clients with the tools and ideology they need to achieve unlimited success for the future.

Shea is the Co-founder of Future Wise Group, a future-focused business & media consulting firm working with startups, mid-size companies, and large corporations. Future Wise specializes in designing virtual worlds, NFT & Marketplace designs and Metaverse marketing strategy when working with businesses, influencers, and celebrities to enter into the Metaverse and build a future proof Web 3.0 brand strategy.

Future Wise Group recently launched their podcast Metaverse-ology which can be found on Spotify and Audible which is on a mission to help society anticipate, embrace and safely transition into this virtual world.

She is a Metaverse speaker and specializes in child safety and mental health.

Recently, Shea and her team created the term M-iQ (Metaverse Intelligence Quotient). The M-iQ is a behavioral framework being leveraged by XR/VR experience developers and educators to provide safety guidelines for children in the Metaverse.

Shea sold her first company, NJ Family Con, tri-state area’s largest family convention, an annual one of a kind experience that creates Happiness, Health, and Prosperity for those who attend.

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