Trinidad Hermida

Founder & CEO of The Hermida Company LLC


Trinidad Hermida (she/her) is the Founder & CEO of The Hermida Company LLC, a company focused on “Building Equity through Empathy.” She is also the Co-founder of Mr. Augmented, a mission-based startup that focuses on creating practical, immersive Augmented Reality experiences that enhance users’ everyday lives. Trinidad believes that “by incorporating everyone’s genius, we can change the game.” She is passionate about expanding technology access to those from traditionally underserved groups. Combining corporate savvy and innovative strategies to impact workplace cultures, Trinidad centers access to generational wealth for underrepresented communities in all industries.

Through her empathy practice as a business framework, Trinidad’s work has amplified the voices of historically excluded groups at billion-dollar startups and seasoned corporations. During her tenure as the first Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Niantic, she built the company’s inclusivity strategy, talent diversity programs and aligned a global company under a singular mission: to create systemic change through equitable policy and empathic practice. She launched the Black Developers Initiative at Niantic, which granted black innovators funding and platform access to create industry-changing technology. An advocate for human-to-human connection – be it through coaching, mentoring, or otherwise – she works toward maintaining a cohesive understanding of empowering people with unconventional methods that can work to make the world more inclusive for all. If you would like to learn more about Trinidad. Here is her README (

On any given day you might catch Trinidad traveling the world to visit friends or volunteering her time to educate the next generation through life coaching.

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