Liran Peretz

CEO and Co-founder


Liran Peretz is a co-founder and the CEO of Alty, the all-in-one platform powering the world’s best crypto communities.

Liran founded Alty in 2018 together with Gabriel Abed and John Macdougall.

Under Liran’s leadership, Alty has grown into a user-friendly chatbot and community management web portal that helps crypto communities seamlessly scale their groups through easy onboarding and management, exclusive crypto/DeFi offerings, and more.

Before founding Alty, Liran worked in the digital finance & gaming sectors.

He oversaw the finance department at Playtech and managed the development of skilled teams in Antigua and the Philippines.

Liran was an early crypto adopter, entering the space in 2011. Over the past 11 years, Liran has been actively engaged in the cryptocurrency community as a supporter and investor.

He also developed and tested innovative smart contract ideas in a test project called Wise-fin tech.

Beyond his interests in crypto and finance, Liran has deep roots in commercial agriculture.

Prior to his crypto and tech roles, he was a prominent figure in the regional agriculture segment, known for introducing Israeli drip and fertigation technology systems across the Caribbean region.

Liran is passionate about community development projects, the implementation of new technologies, and kitesurfing.

He holds a certification in Information Technology from MEIMAD – Tel Aviv.

Talk Title:

Decentralized Token Management and the Future of Crypto

Talk Description :

Liran Peretz is going to discuss the challenges and obstacles that crypto investors and enthusiasts run into when accessing the diverse token marketplace.

He will delve into how to solve the pain points of these communities and how they can seamlessly scale through easy onboarding and management, exclusive crypto/DeFi offerings, and more.

He will discuss how, through the use of AI integration, crypto investors can gather data and sentiment on the market while also protecting their data.

Liran will share his experience around designing a token management system that utilizes staking, burning, and DAO-based treasury management to ensure that growing token demand is met with stable token supply.

Speaker Card :

Speaker’s Organizations

September 13th-14th, 2022 (A GatherVerse Event)

3We (A Web3 Summit)

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