Pooja Singh

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Focused, result-oriented professional with 8+ years of experience spanning solution sales, consulting services, and business development.

Pooja is a skilled Alliances Manager with a demonstrated history of working in core Sales and Marketing in STEM.

Her ability to strategize and develop custom solutions brings out her research capabilities.

From a background in Electronics and Communications Engineering, she provides imaginative solutions to customers.

She proves herself by exploring different strategies and implementing new ideas in sales and marketing to grow and improve business deliverables.

Have a passion to empower people towards proper careers through counseling.

Talk Title:

The Power of Community drives Innovation

Talk Description :

innovation comes from communities Creative entrepreneurs joke that the best way to build a creative business is to work with people you don’t like! One of the most powerful lessons of the creative world is that diversity of thinking is the best way to come up with truly innovative ideas.

The basic unit of sustained innovation is not a creative individual, nor even a team, but a creative community with a cause.

We think that innovation comes from brilliant individuals and in a way it does, but the lesson of these examples is that the most effective innovators build creative communities and provide them a cause.

Communities sustain innovation because as they share ideas they can mutate and grow, especially as they adapt to new conditions. But they can also be defensive bastions of parochial conservatism. the fundamental unit of sustained innovation is a creative community with a cause. If we want a more innovative society we need more such communities.

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September 13th-14th, 2022 (A GatherVerse Event)

3We (A Web3 Summit)

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