Eli Boahen

Graduate Student
University of Massachusetts Amherst ( UMass Amherst )


Eli is a design-thinking problem solver, cross-disciplinary communicator, and researcher interested in data, A.I. ethics, and autonomy.

They believe our techno-future is already here, and that it is time to ask the questions so we can discuss the uncomfortable answers brought to light.

Currently, Eli is a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, earning their Masters degree in Data Analytics and Computational Social Science.

At UMass, their work and studies are focused around technoliteracy and its impact on our understanding of the technology around us, thus our ability to consent or self-advocate.

Their theories intersect with ethnography, cyborg anthropology, biomedicine, education, robotics, and Society 5.0.

Eli is a Class of 2020 Smithie, Posse Alum, and HEAFer for life. They are excited to explore, research, and work in this fascinating field.

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June 13, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

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