Celeste Lear

Immersive Experience Producer & Music Director
Boutique Electronique Music / DreamlandXR


Celeste Lear, from Boutique Electronique Music & DreamlandXR, is a Los Angeles based immersive event & concert producer, XR experience designer & general creative 3D artist & music/sound director with 2 decades of discipline within the digital entertainment & audio/visual world.

She has worked with world renown production teams to consistently turn out well planned & executed futuristic events, including, high tech multi-media installations, gamified festivals & concerts, conferences, video mapping experiences, – both physically & live streamed in the Metaverse.

Striving to keep on the cutting edge, her universe is centered around the most current trends for XR, VR, AR and her teams utilize technology like, volumetric capture, holoportation, hologram, MoCap, 3D environment design & virtual filmmaking that have all contributed to her exciting & diverse portfolio.

She has been a regular avatar guest DJ on various platforms in the Metaverse including, TribeXR, Sansar, AltspaceVR and Wave.

Celeste has a special passion for projects around environmental sustainability, education & the arts and has produced several XR related installations with the United Nations, the most noteworthy being the groundbreaking ActNowVR experience for the Sustainable Development Goals which was attended by 8000+ avatars during the pandemic.

Speaker Card

July 19-20, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse FATHOM Summit

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