Evonya Easley

Love E Fashion


As the founder and CEO of Styled by Love E, Evonya has revolutionized the personal styling experience with her innovative on-demand mobile app.

This groundbreaking platform allows busy professionals to easily request a personal stylist who will shop, deliver and style outfits tailored to their needs.

By seamlessly blending convenience and style, Evonya aims to provide clients with an armor of confidence that a well-curated wardrobe can offer.

Along with her style activations using VR to merge tech and retail to create an immersive experience.

Passionate about empowering individuals through their wardrobe, Evonya believes that personal style is a powerful tool for self-expression and professional success.

Through her engaging and enlightening talks and workshops, Evonya explores topics such as entrepreneurship, executive presence, the power of image in the workplace, and the psychology of style.

By sharing her expertise and insights, Evonya equips audiences with practical strategies to harness the transformative impact of personal style in their professional and personal lives.

Evonya has shared her expertise with renowned businesses and media organizations, including NY Fashion Week, TBS, Fox, HLN, CNN, MSNBC, Vh-1, Bloomberg, Disney and many more.

Her collaborations with these prominent brands highlight her ability to navigate the ever-evolving fashion landscape and deliver exceptional results.

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July 19-20, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse FATHOM Summit

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