Genea Barnes

Career Transition Coach, Healer, Public Speaker


Your subconscious mind remembers everything that’s ever happened to you.

It’s the subconscious mind that drives you home when you are lost in your thoughts (or feel stressed, tired, or depleted.)

If you want to go somewhere new… It’s your conscious mind you must activate to reach your desired destination.

That’s because the subconscious mind operates only on past emotions and memories. It only has the past to go on.

It’s what keeps you in your comfort zone and makes you feel uneasy when you try something new.

This programming makes it difficult to create permanent change by willpower alone.

If you’re sick of always taking two steps forward and three steps back…

And if you desire a life free from getting in your own way and self-sabotage holding yourself back from doing what you want to do…

You have to rewire your subconscious mind first if you want lasting change.

Talk Title and description:

Talk Title :

Is your job or lack of job affecting your mental health?

Talk Description :

Many people who are stuck in jobs they hate or who are unemployed struggle getting out of bed in the morning. The longer it goes on the more likely they are to slide into anxiety and depression. What most people don’t realize, is that there is a deeper reason these situations make people feel so miserable. Join Career Transition Coach, Genea Barnes, and discover why it’s so hard to break out of this funk and learn a simple way to jumpstart your motivation and elevate your mental health.

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