Nina Salomons

Co-Founder, AnomieXR Ltd.


Nina Salomons is a filmmaker, VR diversity advocate and co-founder of AnomieXR as well as the XR Diversity Initiative.

She’s been in the immersive space since 2016 organising the Women in VR meetups in London, has been an XR journalist and presenter for 2.5 years and also brings VR into prisons in the UK.

Her interests lie in using new mediums to change perspectives of the world

Talk Title and description:

Talk Title :

Narrative: at The Heart of Therapy

Talk Description :

Why is storytelling and narrative important?

How can we lean into stories we tell ourselves in therapy?

How does creative art therapy use these elements to help us?

Nina Salomons will explore how her start-up AnomieXR focuses on narrative for therapy.

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