Paige Dansinger

Founder, Better World Museum


Paige Dansinger is the founder of Better World Museum, Horizon Art Museum, Women in Horizon, and was a Facebook Horizon VR Game Developer in the Horizon MiniGame Accelerator and in the Oculus Launch Pad Program.

Paige was recognized by Facebook as one of the Top 117 Global Community Leaders by the inaugural Facebook Community Leadership Fellowship Program.

Paige has presented at the WHO, TEDx, MIT, Facebook Connect, Facebook’s Global Wellness & Safety Summit, Nobel Peace Prize, Singapore, Shenzhen, Beijing, Miami, San Francisco, and at several tech, VR, and museum conferences!

Talk Title and description:

Talk Title :

Self Actualization for Women & Diverse Members in the Metaverse

Talk Description :

The Metaverse offers opportunities for women and diverse people to actualize their best lives. Financial sustainability, new careers, building futures and using voices in new ways, this presentation will show examples of how people are creating a better life in the Metaverse.

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