Alekh Johari

Anemoi Solution

Bio :

Alekh is the founder of Anemoi Solution, a web3 Design & Development services Organisation.

They help companies transition to web3 through Education and building apps on blockchain including Metaverses and NFT Marketplaces.

Apps in AR/VR among other things.

He is the creator of the show / podcast ‘The Future of WEB’ where they talk about WEB3 to enable it’s understanding and wider Adoption.

He has been fortunate to have travelled to around 25 countries and work with the best in business and has worked on Events like London Olympics and Fifa World Cup.

Started working in VR / AR in 2007 in broadcast industry.

He has made some short films and won awards at fests of prestigious institutes like IIT Bombay.

He believes that the best way forward is through Education, community, trust & sustainable practices.

He loves doing sessions on WEB3 and Growth Mindset for organizations and educational institutions.

Speaker Card :

February 21st-23rd, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse Summit 2023

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