John Sokol

Bio :

Came out to California to get involved with VR in 1987 at age 19. Been working on it since.

From Virtual Surgery in 1990, 3D tracking and mapping at Stanford in 1987- 1992.

Invented video streaming in 1990, and did a global video broadcast at Sun Microsystem in 1992, also released 386BSD to the Internet in 1992.

Showed VR to Timothy Leary in 1994 and hollywood.

VRLM developer in 1996.

Charmed In AR headset 2000.

Vizor Inc 2007.

Cofounder of Curiosity Conferences Ai in Education 3 years in a row.

Speaker Card :

February 21st-23rd, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse Summit 2023

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