Marques Anderson

Cyborg Anthropologist
Urban Matrix One

Bio :

Marques is a cyborg anthropologist, working at the nexus of Ancestral Wisdom, Modern Technology and Future Society.

Seeking to be globally impactful, he created the World Education Foundation in 2009 traveling to over 83 countries, while earning his Master’s through the Adult Learning and Global Change program at Linkoøping University in Sweden.

In 2017, Marques was selected to participate in the Global Solutions Program hosted by Singularity University and NASA, exploring the utilization of satellite technology, unique datasets and machine learning to quantify financial, social and climate impact of the built environment.

Marques is an expert in the field of Cyborg Anthropology, where he has become a leading voice in synthesizing the intra-connections between humans, innovation and living systems. Currently, Marques is co-founder of Ism.Earth and a consultant for Earnst & Young’s Luminary Network.

He’s considered a global thought leader, consultant and keynote speaker discussing topics spanning education, space, innovation, technology, climate change, blockchain, future of work, equity & racial justice, along with personal and organizational transformation.

Most recently Marques and dev team won the Qualcomm SnapDragon track at the 2023 MIT Reality Hack for creating a human-centered platform to utilize cutting edge technologies such as AR, Mixed Reality, GISdata and Machine Learning to help the unhoused conceptualize, customize, and co-create their very own home.

Speaker Card :

February 21st-23rd, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse Summit 2023

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