Vanessa Zamy

The Business Defibrillator – Professor, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Global Business Consultant
Your Visions Catalyst

Bio :

Vanessa Zamy, appropriately known as The Business DefibrillatorTM, is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, Professor, and global business consultant helping business owners revive, grow, and scale their business without burnout, sleep deprivation, or meditation.

Vanessa, The Creator of The Hustle & Breathe Business Accelerator, is dedicated to helping ambitious, driven CEOs calmly and confidently experience full-time entrepreneurship.

Leveraging her direct demeanor, genius strategic mind, and holistic five-phase approach, Vanessa Zamy works with busy, ambitious micro-business owners to multiply their revenue by taking intentional operational action steps to be more strategically efficient, effortlessly productive, and increasingly profitable in their business and life.

Vanessa started her journey in entrepreneurship journey amidst her six-figure salary corporate job identifying opportunities for over $500+ million in additional revenue for a multi-billion dollar company.

She did not come from an entrepreneurial family, and thus, relied heavily on Google and her consulting career to guide her on growing her own consulting company.

The mission of her microbusiness consulting company, Your Vision’s Catalyst, is to empower and equip ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their purpose-driven business and never look back, so when that fateful day comes, they can say they lived their best life without shoulda, coulda, or wouldas. It’s time for business owners to reduce their overwhelm, and enjoy their life while growing their profit-producing, purpose-driven business.

Vanessa Zamy’s motto: keep it simple, then keep it movin’! Vanessa has been featured in Fast Company, NPR Marketplace, and on numerous stages.

Her background includes a Management Science and Engineering Degree from Stanford University, and strategic leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies.

In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys running, and living by her mantra: “have fun, make money, and share”, which includes Harry Potter, musicals, and dessert.

Speaker Card :

February 21st-23rd, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

GatherVerse Summit 2023

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