Impact Innovation Foundation (IIF)

Where The Innovation Of One Changes The Lives Of Millions

Our Impact:

IIF, a public nonprofit, believes that everyone deserves the chance to not only live a healthy and productive life, but also have the opportunity to create viable solutions that will impact the lives of others.

Through mentorship, education, events, and research, IIF provides a global community and arena to help impactful startups succeed.

Our mission is to support startups created to improve impact areas around the world. We are a nonprofit fighting to globally improve climate change, education, technology, our youth’s future, and the metaverse.

How We Operate:

We support innovators looking to try new things, learn from their mistakes, and refine their approach. We have a critical role to play in accelerating the cycle of innovation. By supporting startups we are supporting breakthroughs that will improve the lives of millions globally.

We build partnerships that bring together subject matter experts, resources, and visionaries from around the world to identify issues, mentor startups, and drive change. Collaboration is key in making an impactful and global change. No one person or organization has all of the answers. Imagine if we were all part of the solution.

We accept applications, from non-profits and for-profits that align with one or more of our 5 impact innovation areas, to apply for grant funds. Our desire is to ensure businesses and organizations are financially supported to build, expand, and evolve their innovative solutions.

Impact Areas
Global Entrepreneurs

IIF – Community

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Our Mission & Impact

Is To Be The Change That Improves Economic Development

Innovation is a driving force in the economic development of nations. Therefore, at IIF, innovative entrepreneurship is being considered a key factor in modern economic development.

Our mission is to be the catalyst for job creation as the entrepreneurs we support bring new ideas to life that create entirely new markets or revitalize existing ones—and, in the process, spur economic growth.

The Call For Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Do you see a need in your community, country, or even across the world?
Will you seize the opportunity to innovate to improve the lives of others?
Are you willing to keep yourself up to date with the current trends and demands?
If so, we are looking for innovative entrepreneurs who will produce solutions without sacrificing quality.