Camilo Andres Montanez Aldana

Business Development Manager
3GO Video


Welcome to my Metaverse, expert in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Strategy and Sales.

+Co-founder and CEO of 3GOVideo
+ Local Ecosystem Manager Huawei Colombia
+ Leader of META Developer Circles Bogotá
+ speaker
+ Consultant
IG: @Camilomoal
CH: @Camilomoal

Talk Title:

Building a community in the Colombian metaverse.

Talk Description :

A talk on the evolution of the virtual reality community in the development of immersive technologies in the Colombian context with a view to a Latam regional context, what is the community?, what have we done and where we go?

Speaker Card :

GatherVerse Latin Summit

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September 28th, 2022

GatherVerse Latin Summit

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