Carolina Veira

Director, Strategic Partnerships, CSR, DEI
CareMax, Inc.


I currently lead the Strategic Partnerships, DE&I and Corporate Social Responsibility areas where I develop initiatives that connect local and national partners, as well as government agencies to CareMax, Inc. in order to benefit our communities and the most vulnerable members of our society. I create spaces where we can provide valuable support to both our patients and staff, while strengthening CareMax’s internal commitment to DE&I by evolving our culture. Spaces where members of our community and employees feel truly seen, heard and valued.

As a finance executive I have developed financial strategies and looked for competitive opportunities that positively impact the bottom line of organizations within the healthcare and energy industries.

I am part of The Hispanic Star Alliance where we work to elevate our stories and our community while changing the perception of Hispanics in the U.S., from negative to positive, from invisible to invincible, from loud to proud. I do so by lending my voice and sharing my personal story, mentoring young women and men of color in the finance and business fields, creating webinars about leadership, civic engagement, mental health, and wealth creation.

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I am open to building community together, and I am available for panel discussions, keynote speeches & workshops in the following areas:
-Authentic Leadership
-Inclusion and Belonging
-Latinas/Latinos in Finance and/or Business
-Unification of the Hispanic Community
-The importance of sponsorship and having more Latinos in Leadership roles
-Women, Intersectionality and Identity
-How to support causes that matter to you and your teams
-Your Voice, Your Power

Talk Title:

The Metaverse promise, the good, bad and the ugly

Talk Description :

A pragmatic, positive and realistic forward looking view on what could be the future of a Metaverse driven society.

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