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SHE – Speaker Application

This is an All Women’s speaking event. All are welcome to attend.
We welcome you.

Super Hero EngineA GatherVerse EventApply to Speak

May our gather be well

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SHE – Super Hero Engine
January 10th-11th, 2023
A GatherVerse Event

A humanity-first Summit for purpose, sharing and expressing while inspiring a community approach toward the metaverse and emerging technologies.

7 Focuses
20+ Sessions
50+ Speakers
1000 + Attendees

Super Hero Engine is a GatherVerse event that unites women of the metaverse, web3 and intersectional emerging technologies.

We celebrate feminine strength through community. This engine is fueled by collective girl power who desire to create a more inclusive and representative future.

S.H.E. summit invites women from different cultural backgrounds and extends the voices of many of our everyday superheroes that are building the metaverse today through the engine of humanity.

We envision a future where women in tech are equal partners in creating and shaping industry, and are respected and valued for their contributions with equal opportunity to succeed.

We believe that by supporting and empowering women in tech, will foster a more inclusive and innovative minded industry. Our aim is to create spaces where women can share their stories, learn from each other in their career journey.

Super Hero Engine

  1. super /ˈso͞opər/
    – above; over; beyond.
  2. he·ro /ˈhirō/
    – a person admired for outstanding achievements and noble qualities.
    – one who shows great courage.
  3. en·gine /ˈenjən/
    a machine with moving parts that converts power into motion.

Join in on global expressions of the metaverse, emergent technologies and humanity

Hear from global women experts as they collectively define the women of the metaverse ecosystem and the importance of a “Humanity-First” approach towards building it.

May our gather be well.

We bring together women from around the world to learn, connect, and express the future together.

Our Focus

  • Innovators of the metaverse
  • The rise of Women entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Accessibility
  • Equality
  • Community Development
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Wellness
  • The importance for more women to build the Metaverse and emerging technologies.
  • The mental challenges that women might face working in technology and what’s being done about it
  • Raising the percentage of women in tech
  • Sweeping pieces of the glass ceiling away
  • Her Web3 World
  • Authentic Allyship
  • What funding opportunities exist for female founders who are building the metaverse?
  • Organizations that are taking tech inclusion seriously
  • To be a woman in tech

January 10th-11th, 2023 (A GatherVerse Event)

SHE – Super Hero Engine

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