Alison Chiwara

Co Founder
Flosverse CIC & Human Focused Ltd

Bio :

Alison chiwara is a Co founder of Flosverse CIC, a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion personnel, keynote speaker with a passion for Corporate mental health, and also trained as a nurse at Middlesex University.

Alison was schooled at an all girls boarding school giving her a lived and insightful experience into the life of young women from a mass perspective.

Her approach to equal opportunities and mental health is very much a multi dimensional social approach and hence her involvement with a number of charitable organisations and good cause businesses.

Alison believes that by discovering her life purpose its allowed her to live a life that’s aligned with her values and the changes she wishes to see in the world.

Alison has dedicated most of her adult life and following her mother’s footsteps, Empowering communities but more so women as this is crucial to a full 360° development of societies and nations alike .

Her life long passion and work is dedicated to social,educational , psychological and economic empowerment with gender parity across the tech sector being a passion that drove her to join Flosverse as a key contributer along side Florence Aluu.

Alison is a mother and 1st mentor to her children and hopes to continue making an impact through her experience as a mother to young adults living in the challenging and ever changing 21st century.

Speaker Card :

Speaker’s Organizations

January 10th-11th, 2023

GatherVerse S.H.E. – Super Hero Engine

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