Lubna Dajani

Founder and Managing Director
Allternet Limited

Bio :

Technical focus on the intersection of energy, data, and telecommunications. Post Quantum Hardware RoT breakthroughs, chain of trust enablement, SSI, Ethical AI and data governance. Committed to inspiring a binary shift from humankind to kindHuman mindset by empowering and cross pollinating S.T.E.A.M. innovators and social entrepreneurs for a human centric society.

Empathic purpose driven leader, visionary, and enabler backed by 25+ career marked by identifying and delivering impactful innovation and cross-sectorial collaborations foundational to today’s digital society with a focus on information, communication, and energy related technologies.

A board member and trusted advisor to CEOs of public and private companies and organizations worldwide A generous mentor and advocate of diversity, inclusion, and social entrepreneurship.

Her broad knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to instigating a shift from wealth accumulation to enablement of social wealth creation are both contagious and inspiring. An intrinsic change agent who energizes every conversation with creativity & passion. A team player who transcends cultural, generational, and gender barriers; nurturing a global network of actionable professionals that is rich in reach & depth.

Author of the Allternet manifesto. Creator of the KindHuman movement. Recipient of multiple international awards recognizing integrity, and uncanny foresight. Often described as a consummate professional, authentic, parallel thinker, charismatic influencer, creative designer, trusted advisor, vivacious, fun, witty, inspirational, kind & smart.

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January 10th-11th, 2023

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