Maria Halimeh

Chief Metaverse Officer

Bio :

Maria is a motivated and dedicated young scholar who got her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy class 2022 at Cairo University, Egypt.

She has been extensively involved in volunteering at student organizations in the international pharmaceutical student federation (IPSF) and the Egyptian pharmaceutical student federation (EPSF).

Her involvement in various events, as a coordinator and manager in multicultural environments, has allowed her to acquire a global mindset, interpersonal skills, and leadership qualities.

Her journey started in 2018 with joining the local exchange office in EPSF. Since then, she has been a local exchange officer, joined the editorial team of the federation, served as IPSF EMRO pharmacy education coordinator, the 67th IPSF World congress, and currently as IPSF Pharmacy education chairperson.

Recently, she joined the IVPN network as a webinar committee member and a research mentee. Throughout her years at university, she was always keen on learning new aspects of pharmacy and developing skills.

For that, she participated in several leadership roles, joined competitions, moderated webinars, and learned writing and research skills. she won three international competitions in IPSF: The covid-19 clinical competition 2019, the young research forum competition 2020, and 2nd place in the patient counseling skills competition 2021.

She also published a review article in IPSF Phuture magazine edition 24 on diabetes and medicinal plants. Currently, she has joined the international social prescribing pharmacy association as a chief metaverse officer.

In the future, she highly strives to make a positive impact on the future of pharmacy education and make a change in the pharmacy profession.

Speaker Card :

Speaker’s Organizations

January 10th-11th, 2023

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