Elle Langer

XR Innovation Manager, Creative Producer, Founder and CEO pimento formate


Elle Langer is an experienced media maker, serial media entrepreneur and award winning creative executive producer. With her production company pimento medienproduktions GmbH, she realized numerous national and international projects and formats over the course of 20 years. Many of these productions have won awards.

From 2014 to 2017 she graduated with a master’s degree in “Leadership in digital communication/innovation” at the prestigious University of Arts in Berlin and the University St. Gallen (Swiss) Institute of Media- and Communication.

At present, Elle focuses on AR and VR projects and on media business development with a sustainability approach. In 2020 she founded the XR-tech-company pimento formate and produces innovative immersive media (AR and VR) projects with her team.

“To me, immersive media like AR and VR are the next level of media edutainment.” Elle Langer

Main project: FUTURELEAF.space

Elle and her team are currently building the first XR-edutainment platform, www.futureleaf.space, creating content about climate and social changes for a young target audience. With her team, she developed the unique format “AR-Stories©”, which are then published on the platform www.futureleaf.space. 11 AR-Stories are already available to be experienced!

During the talk, three other team members of pimento formate will also share their perspective on building a sustainable media future for XR and how the platform www.futureleaf.space will help realize their visions.

Katherine Tiedemann: Immersive Media Designer and Game/UI/UX Designer
Marcus Mende: Lead XR Developer and experienced Technical Artist
Marie Beenken: Digital Journalist for social and climate change topics

Further information:

Elle is co-founder of Virtual Reality Association Berlin-Brandenburg and she’s been a board member from 2017 to 2020. Her media experience and design thinker mindset make her a visionary speaker on the future of media innovation.

To raise awareness for XR Media among other content creators, Elle published the academic book “Medieninnovationen Augmented und Virtual Reality – Erfolgsfaktoren für die Entwicklung von Experiences” (Media Innovations Augmented and Virtual Reality – Success Factors for the Development of Experiences) by Springer Verlag in 2020 (Over 26,000 downloads to date). So far, the book has been translated into English.

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