Maria Almena

Creative director
Kimatica studio ltd


Maria Almena is a Spanish London-based multidisciplinary artist, creative director, art curator and media art educator.

Co-founder of the creative studio, Kimatica, as well as co-founder of the arts organisation Art in Flux

Also, she has been curating lectures for National Gallery x and is currently in a residency at Somerset House, London.

She has been creating media performances for over a decade and she mainly focuses in creating performative media installations, live shows and immersive experiences.

This year she received the DYCP research grant from Arts Council of England when she developed her first mixed reality performance and performative NFTs.

Maria’s practice is exploring concepts of human consciousness and perception, making those transcendental ideas accessible to a modern audience, to inspire reconnection with magical thinking and the ethereal world.

She is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the physical and spiritual, the virtual and real worlds and scientific and artistic concepts.

She enjoys playing with perception aiming to transport the viewer into new worlds, using experimental technologies as magical tools that help to highlight different states of being and journeying.

Kimatica has been commissioned by the British council, Tate Museum, Instagram, Barbican centre, Veuve Clicquot and many Light and Art festivals like Lightwaves, Wilderness and Jerusalem festivals. Kimatica also got two awards from Smirnof and Cannes for best interactive software and best cutting edge performance in 2014 and 2016.

Flux has been awarded funding from ACE several times and from Computers Arts Society too, as well as commissions and residencies by National Gallery X, V&A Museum and Royal College of Art.

Maria has also been awarded to be in the Princess trust programme supporting her career with loans, training and general support.

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