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Speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur
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Markeeta Stokes is a speaker, author, personal development coach, and the owner of a day spa called The Esthetic Suite. Native to Philadelphia, PA, she lives in New Castle, DE, and is passionate about reshaping lives for the better. Markeeta spent the last 17 years serving the public and speaks to help women become the best.

Markeeta is a serial entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Pierce College in Philadelphia & a Global MBA from Arcadia University. She excels in building service-focused businesses from the ground up and is a natural at identifying and capitalizing upon growth opportunities. In 2011, Markeeta became a landlord and also formulated a daycare. Next, she bought an internet radio station called Daily Grind Radio in 2013 and opened a Platinum Pink Hair Studio a year later.

Today, Markeeta fuses her business acumen with a passion for empowerment to help women realize their dreams. She enables them to look and feel spectacular and use their unique flairs to build extraordinary lives for themselves and their loved ones.

When not transforming lives, Markeeta likes to travel and is an avid knowledge seeker who enjoys reading, learning new things, and upgrading her persona via self-help videos. She is on a mission to create a legacy and empower as many women as possible with the courage to live unapologetically.

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