Tameka Mclean

Speaker/Author/Nonprofit Founder & Executive Director
The Self-Sufficiency Speaker


Tameka Mclean is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Founder/Executive Director of Poppy Muse Inc., a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization aiding in the stabilization of young women transitioning out of foster care.

The organization’s work is led by foster care alumni – our founder, board members, and team all have experienced the system in some way.

Tameka along with the support of her community and team are doing the work to help both current and former foster youth thrive.

With her team she has been conducting virtual/in-person workshops and creating stabilization programs for youth in care. Because of her efforts, in 2021, both she and her organization received a Proclamation from the Mayor’s office of Westchester County, NY. Later Ms. Mclean became the author of “11 Steps to Self-Sufficiency”. This is a book that has a focus on guiding foster care youth and young adults toward an adulthood of self-sufficiency.

Tameka Mclean shares her story and tips on how she managed to sustain herself, while having to endure the weight of aging out with little to no support from a broken system. She is passionate about making a change in the foster care system and eventually, the world.

Her goal is to eradicate the harsh statistics of the foster care community, and to ensure that current and former foster youth can thrive while coping with the trials and tribulations of life.

One would ask “how does this young woman and her message add value”? With her story and success as a former foster youth, she has the ability to create a clear view and feeling of what having heart, the ability to persevere, tenacity and determination could get you.

To sum it up, the value is in the vision and drive of someone that shares a relatable testimony to those she serves daily. Audiences, onlookers, and youth will undoubtedly have the ability to connect and take away life altering steps that will aid in a better way of living.

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