Aileda Lindal

Transformational Coach
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Aileda carries the extraordinary ability to visualize organizations at both micro and macro levels.

Aileda has experience working in global markets.

She was formally invited to the White House and has given business opinions on international trade agreements. Covid-19 had Aileda on a new path into the world of Medical System set up, Team Development and Executive| Dr. Coaching/ Practitioner/Owner Consulting and Coaching in the heart of NYC. Where she is now the proud partner of her own Medical Billing and Consulting organization.

The best way to reach Aileda is through her website where you can schedule a 30-minute consultation and meeting with her. She has social media across all platforms so check that out.

She is on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. All social networks are branded as AskAileda.

Speaker Card

July 26, 2023 – A Sports Summit (A GatherVerse Event)

Athletics In The Metaverse

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