Carol Carpenter

Motovixens LLC


Carol is an entrepreneur, TedX speaker, author, philanthropist, and proud mother of two boys.

Her unconventional upbringing has given her a unique insight on how she views the world.

As a first-generation child born in the United States with immigrant parents from Taiwan, Carol grew up experiencing both cultures, speaking both English and Taiwanese and active as both Presbyterian and Buddhist.

Experiencing these vast differences allowed insight to various viewpoints and perspectives.

Being female in her culture and a child of the US with all its privileges, she was caught in the midst of the clashing of two cultures and having to accept and integrate them both into her life.

Undeterred by those limiting beliefs and the duty placed upon her in her younger years, she went from her studies in pre-med to changing her major to business once her mother passed away realizing that it was not her “calling.”

After her divorce without knowing what she was going to do, she decided to embrace her life and take a chance. She went down her bucket list to discover a passion for motorcycles and it has since become her life’s work.

When she started MotoVixens LLC, a motorcycle track day organization, in 2012, it was with a mission to be inclusive of all riders regardless of their gender, race and religion and without discrimination of the types of bikes they ride. MotoVixens focuses on education, safety, community, and camaraderie and ensuring the preservation of the sport.

In championing women in the motorcycle industry, it is her desire to give them access without barriers and provide mentorship to help them succeed.

In her years in business, she has been a model, actress, stuntwoman, voice over actor, racer and currently has signature lines of products, a reality show, co-hosts Titan Evolution Podcast and is the managing partner of Iron Dog Media.

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